About Us


we’re an extension of your team

We’re a full service Magento agency,  a collaborative team of ecommerce experts and digital specialists delivering an unparalleled end to end ecommerce experience.

The Mage Digital Group

Our business is built on strong relationships. Our team is made up of some of the most experienced and technically skilled Magento professionals around the globe.

Our focus is on working collaboratively with each other, and with you.

We’re passionate about delivering consistent results for our clients and we approach every project as a new opportunity to innovate and refine our Magento product.

Magento Agency Team

Why Us

We determine our success by exceeding our client’s business objectives. Our success is dependant on yours, we aim to be your ecommerce partner and trusted resource.

We’ve built many Magento solutions for companies around the globe, from small stores to highly complex omni-channel solutions.

We have the unrivalled experience and capability to deliver the most challenging ecommerce projects and our model allows us to offer a highly competitive and cost effective service to our clients.

Our Approach

The way we work has been tweaked over time to ensure we’re always delivering the most efficient and cost-effective solution for your business.


Research, analysis and insight

We collaborate with your team to understand your business objectives and measurements of success. We’ll establish a solution focused on usability, conversion, transaction value and future growth.

We discuss success criteria, design options, user journeys, order management, order fulfillment etc, leaving no rocks unturned.

Design & Specify

Compose, model and define

Our aim is ensure your website performs at it’s best. We focus on the customer journey, UX and UI design, conversion, user profiling, mobile strategy & design, amongst other key areas.

We follow design with a technical scoping session that gives our development team a detailed understanding of the project and requirements.


Integrate, develop and test

We employ an agile development methodology. This approach means we can deliver robust, resilient and scalable ecommerce solutions in 1 or 2 weekly sprints whilst offering the flexibility to incorporate change without compromising on cost, quality or time.

Communication and transparency is important, and we encourage you to be part of the development process. You can view our progress throughout the project development cycle, and we invite you to participate in each sprint for planning and testing/review. We aim to identify issues as early as possible throughout the delivery process.

Improve, Market, Support

Maintain, promote and grow

We strive to provide industry leading proactive support and maintenance to our clients. Our support packages are tailored to each client for that pieve of mind, and usually include fully managed hosting and regular technical performance monitoring to ensure stability, resilience and reliability. We offer a range of ecommerce audits to ensure your business is reaching it’s full potential.

We work with you to develop long term growth strategies with continuous communication and review. We incorporate SEO, content marketing, email marketing, social media, paid search and affiliate marketing experitse where needed to ensure your website’s success.

Our Partners